My wife is gambling in the casino, sitting near a man and making casual conversation. He asks about the New England Patriots and Tom Brady, whom my wife loathes. “Well,” says the guy, “they did name an airport after him.” “What? Where?” says my wife. “In LA,” replies the guy. “That airport is named after former LA Mayor Tom Brady,” she explains, stunned. “Oh,” says he. Maybe everyone shouldn’t be encouraged to vote.

Alan Weiss’s Monday Morning Memo® – 10/29/18

Alan's Monday Morning Memo

We’re in Nassau taking a much-needed vacation away from all accountabilities. I’m unabashedly hiding. There are “islands” in the various pools at the resort, with plants and palm trees on them. I’m reminded of a vacation we took somewhere in Mexico where there were a dozen or more iguanas on every island, which were surrounded completely by water. I’d occasionally swim up to one, which would regard me with those independently moving eyes, sort of like the air conditioning vents …


Practice keeping things simple. Don’t provide “background.” Ask a simple question in one sentence. Respond to a question with brevity. We often confuse complexity, length, and convolution with intelligence. Actually, they are in inverse proportion.


I have found that audiences are far better served with provocation and by challenging them with new ideas than they are with commiseration, pandering, and “comfort food” (which many presentations resemble). Of course, the speaker must be oriented toward helping others and not self-adulation. If you’re receiving 10s on feedback sheets and standing ovations at every presentation, the odds are that you’re simply not doing a very good job improving others’ lives.