Among the Phrases I Loathe

Among the phases I’ve come to loathe: • Your call is very important to us. • Please listen because our options have changed. • Press “one” for English. • One of our service experts will be with you shortly. • We can’t take your call right now but we will get back to you within two business days. • Please enter your serial and model number. • ….or wherever your final destination may be. • We are now on our …

The Tractor Guy

I watched a man drive the beach-cleaning tractor onto the beach from my balcony at 7 am here at The Breakers. He suddenly stopped, walked about ten yards, and picked up a piece of litter he had missed. He brought it back to the tractor container and continued his trip. The secret of accountability isn’t about how employees act when they’re being watched, it’s about how they act when they believe no one is watching.

Pressure Points

The Red Sox won (what I still call) the American League Pennant last night not because they had nicer uniforms, or prepared longer, or had better equipment, or even had better ball players. They won because the ball players they do have performed better than the other team’s players under pressure. They performed at their best when it counted most. Keep that in mind that next time you visit a prospect or make a speech.


I don’t know if there are the proverbial “two kinds of people,” but I do know there are two kinds of responses to new ideas: Let me tell you why that won’t work. Let me figure out how I can make this work for me. Guess whom I prefer to be with?

Podcast – The Uncomfortable Truth – Episode 54: Certitude

We’re absolutely certain, and quite often wrong, because we refuse to listen while we’re so certain.  So, how certain are you?


I’m continually astounded by the lack of serious education displayed on Facebook by people who don’t understand socialism, throw “fascism” around as if it’s all around us, find conspiracies under all the rugs, and seem to believe there is only one good answer—theirs—for every problem. Then there are the people who, when questioned, become violent as if attacked and unloose a barrage of obscenities. Facebook serves a perverse purpose in displaying what is otherwise hidden in terms of bias, ignorance, …