A Post on Posts

Someone was reviewing my textual, audio, video, and electronic output. He was astonished.

“You post on your blog every day,” he asked, incredulous.

“Yeah,” I confirmed, “and I have two blogs, a public one and a private one for my community members.”

He was astonished.

There are people making a living  driving a bus, mining coal, cleaning the streets, and removing dog waste from yards—every day.

We need some perspective around here.

And there’s my post for today. It took 90 seconds.

One thought on “A Post on Posts

  1. Perhaps your best post. I’m printing it out to put on my wall for a while.
    I’ve read many of your books over the past ten years and am finally leaving my employer of 34 years to do the consulting thing on my own. I can’t wait to put into practice all that you’ve taught me. The official email with my voluntary severance package came this morning and I dare anyone to try to knock the smile off my face. Thanks!

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