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Welcome to Alan Weiss’s Blog

There are too many blogs from too many people. Most are dull and self-aggrandizing. This one won’t be dull and I’ve already self-aggrandized all over the landscape, so there is little need to do so here.

The Architect of Professional Communities® site features insights, techniques, programs, links, and educational resources concerning the business and philosophy of consulting, management skills, leadership, and knowledge useful to building one’s profession and leading a balanced life.

My mission is to provide alternative views to consulting’s “conventional wisdom” so that consultants can provide increasing value and derive increasing business. My original brand was “the contrarian,” and many people still think of me in this manner.

I’m told that I may have the most powerful brand in independent consulting in the world, and I’ve written more books on consulting than anyone else. I do know that over the 25 years since I was fired in 1985, I’ve built a significant seven-figure practice, working out of my home, with Fortune 500 clients. And, since the publishing of Million Dollar Consulting in 1992, I’ve had the privilege of working with large and small consulting firms all over the world, as well as with the 1,500+ solo consultants who have been through my mentoring program.

I believe in The 1% Solution®: Improve by 1% a day, and in 70 days you’re twice as good. Yet few clients and few people are continually improving by even that small amount. So, I hope you’ll find your 1% here.

Feel free to use what you read, provided that you supply proper attribution.

Remember, life is about success, not perfection. Thanks for visiting

– Alan Weiss

Rules of the blog

  1. Our intent is to publish new articles by Alan every week. Some will be on consulting. The others may also be on consulting or whatever else is appealing to, or irritating, Alan at any given moment.
  2. Posts are welcome. Alan usually replies to postings, and definitely does so on the occasion that someone makes a fabulous point, asks a salient question, or submits a post that isn’t stupid enough to be deleted but is uninformed enough that it can’t be left to propagate.  Any posts that do not add value to the discussion, are in bad taste, use inappropriate language, or slander anyone….etc.

If you would like to interact with Alan….
Alan maintains a private blog (online forum) with over 500 global members and exceeding 33,000 current posts where he answers questions daily, holds “real time” chats, and posts original work. For more information go to:http://www.alansforums.com.