Some harsh truths:

Unfortunately, there are some people who are actually disappointed that the horrific California fires are apparently the result of humans and not climate change. The terrible gas explosions in Massachusetts were apparently caused by an engineer not considering a certain sensor when redirecting gas flow.

It snows in the northeast, and has for ten thousand years. Why are we so surprised when it does, and why so unprepared? If you’re going to get on an airplane with a connection or with a destination endangered by a storm, that’s your decision, but be prepared to sleep in an airport.

If you get into a car with a storm coming, understand that you may be in it for nine hours or may have to abandon it. Assume there will be accidents. Think about just staying where you are and getting a room.

It will not kill you to miss a day at work, but it could kill you trying to get to work and back in dangerous conditions. No matter how careful you are, not everyone is. Someone will be out in terrible conditions, in a car not equipped for it, without the lights on, texting. That person is an idiot, but idiots kill.


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