Applicability 101

I refer to corporate sales as “wholesale” and individual sales as “retail.” In the former, you find a single buyer who can acquire products and services for a wide array of people at significant prices. In the latter, you have a  high volume of people who purchase for themselves at a variety of prices.

I used to work exclusively in the wholesale market, and now I work primarily (85%) in the retail market. (I’ve also found very effective ways to sell at high fees to a high volume of individuals.)

However, these are two different markets requiring two different approaches, even if you’re active in both, as I’ve been. Always assess the advise you’re hearing or reading as to which market it pertains. That is your responsibility.

Employing a marketing technique highly effective in one will usually fail dismally in the other. And to confuse things a tad more, the SME market is often a meld of the two.

Caveat emptor. 

One thought on “Applicability 101

  1. Important point, especially when vetting coaching certifications, like chicken soup for the turkeys (retail with questionable value) or something like marshall goldsmith stakeholder (wholesale with universal application).

    Coach Weiss, please teach us more about “wholesale language” that works! Maybe even wholesale “listening”???

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