Can You Move the Ball?

I played varsity basketball and ran varsity track in high school. Track practice was simple—I was a sprinter, so I would run a quarter mile for stamina and 30 yards for speed. Then the race itself was over in ten seconds.

I was a terrific shooter in basketball, but I hated the practice. I never did learn to dribble with my opposite hand, so I could never be a starting guard. I was fast and could shoot, but I couldn’t move the ball around well. The coach put me in when he needed a shooter and we were behind.

You can’t merely be passionate about a result. You have to be willing to work on the road to the goal. A great many consultants want to help major clients dramatically improve and be paid large sums for the effort (shooting) but they don’t want to ask for referrals, network, publish, or make sales calls (dribbling). But there’s no coach here to put them in the game solely when a shooter is needed.

I lettered in track as a freshman and in basketball as a junior. But I wasn’t attempting those sports in college. I didn’t want to go down that tough road.

How willing are you to put in the work on the consulting road? Can you learn to move the ball?

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