Happy Easter and Happy Passover

Easter is the holiest of the holidays for Catholics and many Protestants. It follows a time of reflection (Lent) not dissimilar from Yom Kippur in that regard. And, of course, Passover and Easter occur in proximity to each other. No matter what your beliefs, I’d simply like to pass on Maria’s and my best wishes for your lives. May pain give way to resilience, may suffering be ended, and may you appreciate the tremendous gifts you possess and that you …

Join Me in Carmel

Would you like to spend two days with me and a small group of great people at a top resort in Carmel, California (Feb. 15-16) for a ridiculously small investment? Of course you would! I have a rate opportunity for a few people, so write me if you’re interested: alan @ summit consulting. com.

Legal Notice

Regrettably, I’m legally required to inform people who follow my work: You may see social media and internet notices, as well as mailings, implying that Chad Barr and his company have a business relationship with me. This is untrue. Mr. Barr’s services were terminated by me in 2016 for ethical and legal reasons. Any representation that we are connected or that I support his current work is false and erroneous, particularly in terms of my Private Roster Mentor Program, which …


Let me make something very clear here: I do not publish anonymous posts. I find them cowardly. If you have an opinion or a critique that is polite and civil, it will be published. But if you don’t have the courage to stand up for what you believe in, then I consider you a troll and a parasite. On many popular blogs, the writer doesn’t even allow commentary. I do, because I believe access and interaction are vital. But I …

Note to Readers

In moving this blog from one provider to another, we’ve thus far been unable to get updates that are current, so that a couple of weeks of posts have been lost. My apologies for that, but it’s a factor of transferring to a better source.

Excellent New Book: The Illusions of Inclusion

My colleague and friend Helen Turnbull, PhD has a wonderful new book out, The Illusion of Inclusion. Her global clients include some of the largest organizations in the world seeking her help on more than “lip service diversity.” This is a great book for every manager and every consultant to management. http://businessexpertpress.com/books/illusion-inclusion-global-inclusion-unconscious-bias-and-bottom-line Book cover final – DrTurnbull

All About Them

Here’s a terrific new book by my colleague, friend, and marketing genius Bruce Turkel. You can watch a video here: https://vimeo.com/179415265 The world changed while we were all busy doing other things. Suddenly the marketing tools that used to work just don’t seem to work as well any more. My friend Bruce Turkel’s new book—All About Them—shows you exactly what the best businesses with the best brands are doing and how you can put these proven techniques to work for …

Book Recommendation

Great leaders know they’re never done learning and developing their leadership skills. In their latest book, #WhyLeadersFail, Peter Stark and Mary Kelly pinpoint the 7 most common reasons some managers fail, and what successful leaders do differently. Leaders, I highly recommend you add this book to your reading list!  http://ow.ly/X2ny300lDIv

Buddy Cianci

RIP Buddy Cianci,74, former mayor of Providence and then longest serving mayor in the nation, convicted of one count (26 dismissed) of racketeering and sent to prison for six years, returned as popular radio show host and TV political commentator. One of a kind, loved the city, loved the job. I watched him show up at every charity fundraiser, serve as auctioneer, talk to little girls in ballet recitals, and glad-hand everyone in sight. He was singular, and I will …