DASM: TruGreen Gets Browner!

After revealing how horrible TruGreen service is and their refusal to talk to customers, on social media, the general manager actually called me. He told me that he can’t control grass and turf! I told him he COULD control client relationships. He ignored that.

He told me he could never give me any discount because “he is a businessman” and that 95 percent of his customers are happy. I asked him if he’d rather give me a thousand dollar credit to show he cared, or receive $100,000 worth of poor publicity.

“I can’t control the grass and turf,” he repeated.

Well, I can control my cash and investments, and my advice to others. And my cash is going to another lawn care firm, one that gives a damn, and my advice is that you don’t go near this ridiculously primitive, reptile-brained company and its dumb ass, stupid management,

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