Dumbass, Stupid Management at the Setai Hotel, Miami

I was investigating a meeting for 25 people at the Setai Hotel in Miami, along with a large suite for myself. They quoted the suite price, but told us (Amex and me) that their event planner was away and we’d have to call her back in 11 days upon her return. I cancelled the suite and will go elsewhere.

This is an approximate $25,000 or more loss in revenue, not even counting participant sleeping rooms for those staying there. This is lousy management. A Merck division president told me long ago that when you see people performing poorly, find out what’s wrong with their manager.

I called later to ask to speak to the hotel manager or leave a message on voice mail. The operator asked me what it was about so that he could “direct me to the proper party.” I told him I wanted the hotel manager, I didn’t see how that needed direction and my issue was none of his business. What did he do? He connected me with a lower level manager. The senior people clearly want to be shielded and not deal with guests.

This is the epitome of dumb ass, stupid management at a high priced property.

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