Dumb Ass Stupid Management: Please End the Interrogation

I’ve been receiving surveys from places from which I purchase stuff on the internet. I’m sure you do, too. The surveys are far too long, are always “forced choices” (rate us on this scale), and are non-intuitive. I’m constantly told to go back, i did something wrong or failed to answer one of the questions.

The result is that I trash them.  Besides, most people who take the time to answer surveys self-select. That is, they are either very happy or very angry. The people in the middle—the preponderance of purchasers—are not really sampled (also one of the drawbacks in pre-election surveys).

If you want to know what I think of your products and services, make it simple, painless, and fast: Did we meet, fail to meet, or surpass your expectations, and why do you feel that way?

It’s that simple. But then again, that’s why I make the big bucks.

One thought on “Dumb Ass Stupid Management: Please End the Interrogation

  1. The trouble with your way is that now _actual humans_ have to process it, instead of mindless algorithms…

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