Dumb Ass Stupid Marketing

Somebody by the name of Peter Winick from “Thought Leadership Leverage” sends me unsolicited spam about—wait for it—how to market my new book (which I’ve just begun writing for Wiley) because I probably don’t know how to exploit it.

Specifically: “By contrast (to my own efforts) authors with whom I’ve had the pleasure of partnering have leveraged their books into full-fledged businesses. I’d like to help you do the same.”

Wow, I’ve never thought of that!

So, obviously, this is an email blast sent regardless of who’s on the list. He offered to turn me into a “thought leader”! I’ll be darned.

So I write this guy to ask if he even knows to whom he’s writing. And here’s what this biased ass responded with: He asked if I knew how much of a jerk I was and: “I’m guessing you do but at your age you don’t care.”

My current book, Threescore and More, is about ageism and biases based on one’s age. So here we have a guy who resorts to prejudicial comments when he meets someone unimpressed with his approaches. How much can you respect your prospects when such ignorant bias is so easily released?!

I guess he wouldn’t be able to help me turn that book “into a business,” right?

Well, I’m going to struggle to become a thought leader anyway, despite my age. And if any of you are interested in using your book to build a business, I’d stay the hell away from this ignorant ass. Calling someone an ass is not biased, because no one is born that way.

And for those of you who might be working with him, I’m aghast you can stay in his presence.

2 thoughts on “Dumb Ass Stupid Marketing

  1. I rarely respond to DASM, but I was laughing so hard because “total dweeb” came to mind to describe this guy, PW. What a missed opportunity by him to learn before attempting to lead…

  2. These are the guys that want to tell you how “Merriam Webster” defines a word and they think they’re actually teaching you something.

    I thought there were a lot of “sharks” and “playboys” in the tennis business, but people in professional services, particularly training and consulting are more solicitous than a teenager at Hefner’s Mansion.

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