Go Pats

I’m heading for the Patriot Game in Foxboro today, taking a train out of Providence to beat the parking-lot traffic which develops before and after the game. They don’t allow drop-offs, so I can’t take a limo. (The limos have to go into the $120 limo lot. This is how Bob Kraft just bought two new 767s for the team.)

It’s sort of like skiing, by the time you get to the top of the hill with all the equipment and your tickets and having waited in the lift line, you’re already exhausted.

I’ll keep people posted on social media if I can. Brady and I will have some drinks post-game. (We once drove the exact same car and went to the same doctor, and no one knew if he was there or it was only I. I guess looking at a license plate is too much work.)

And here’s a shout-out to the waiter at La Masseria in East Greenwich who reads my blog faithfully, which a lot of my coaching clients ought to emulate!

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