Guest Column: Consulting in High Stakes Transitions

Consulting in High Stakes Transitions


Dr. Constance Dierickx


Constance Dierickx is a member of the Million Dollar Consulting® Mentor Hall of Fame and a Master Mentor.

Great leaders are decisive. They don’t wait for their feet to get wet before they realize the tide is coming in. They look up and out. When facing a gaping canyon or rough water, they quickly evaluate the situation, make a decision and take action.

When the stakes are high, consultants can help organizations move faster while staying on track. Timely, independent advice is especially valuable and something leaders rarely get.

Consultants who provide this advice have exceptional value.

The outcomes of this work include:

  • Better decisions
  • Increased speed
  • Rapid removal of barriers
  • Enhanced credibility for the company and leaders

Great consulting in high stakes transitions needs no complicated model or dozens of contractors with “consultant” printed on their business cards.

What is required?

  • Understanding your clients objectives
    • Business
    • Personal
  • Trust from the leader
  • Trust in yourself
  • A simple but powerful process

In your market, what high stakes transitions do you see? There is no shortage of mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, CEO transitions, major strategic shifts, and debacles. In every case, an identifiable leader is acutely aware of the stakes.

Attend my workshop in Sydney, Australia, on June 8, 2016 to learn to:

  • Identify high stakes transitions that others overlook
  • Articulate and evaluate risk
  • Monetize value
  • Make current and prospective clients aware of the invisible traps in important transitions
  • Help clients in crisis


Date: June 8, 2016

Location: Sydney, Australia

Click here to register:

Dr. Constance Dierickx advises leaders in high stakes transitions. Her merger and acquisition clients succeed 400 times more often than average.


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