High Maintenance

A woman’s seat in business class apparently wasn’t working, so British Air upgraded her to the one empty first class seat. She then took over a bin meant for two, made incessant demands, and acted like some member of the royal family (thought I believe they are actually quite polite).

I can’t imagine what she’s like to be with. This was an 11-hour flight, and she hit the lottery, then complained about the game.

One thought on “High Maintenance

  1. Speaking about games, the “Serena” fiasco (yes, another one) is a great example of displaced thought processes and the art of complaining. The USTA likely deserves what they get, the referee has no clue about flexibility and context, and Serena made it all about her, though tried gallantly to recover and show “leadership skills” at the ceremony.

    The only “player” from the US Open women’s final who doesn’t have to improve her game is champion Osaka, who unfortunately (and disturbingly) felt the need to apologize to the crowd for beating one of the world’s all-time great athletes.

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