In Case You Were Wondering What I Was Thinking

How can you be surprised when clients simply don’t use common sense? It’s in ridiculously short supply. Our government tumbles toward conditions which will hurt millions of citizens because neither the President nor congressional leaders are willing to compromise. Customer be damned! (Because it won’t affect them.)

The Oscars were their usual directionless mess, with a snarky host used to making bathroom jokes acting snarky and making bathroom jokes. Red Carpet banter was barely sentient. Women seemed assembled more than dressed, with more people engaged in their creation than it took to build the Golden Gate Bridge.

NBC has finished behind Univision in the ratings, never before accomplished: A fifth place finish for a major network. (Or what used to be a major network.) Watch just one episode of “Smash” and tell me if you couldn’t find better writing and acting on the subway platform next to you in the morning or the Starbucks line during lunch.

Given this (not to mention the Italian elections, demonstrating that someone is always loonier than we are), is it surprising to you that major companies don’t know enough to stop doing something when it hurts or come in out of the rain? (“Hey, you! If you come through these doors it isn’t raining in here, and stop hitting yourself with that hammer!”)

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