Just Hit the Wall

I was a fair squash player but an excellent racketball player (I love a sport where you can miss the first time and hit the ball the second time if it doesn’t touch the floor). I learned to control the “T” and I had high acceleration.

But I became highly competitive when I learned that not every shot could be a “kill” shot. You can’t expect to score a point with every stroke. Sometimes—often—you merely have to stay in the volley by returning the ball and hitting the front wall. You keep your chances alive until you do have a kill shot.

The same principle applies to selling. Stop trying to sell every time you network, meet someone, talk to a buyer, get a lead, and so on. Just return the ball to the wall and then see what happens next. Trying to hit a kill shot on a poor angle or in a poor position will cost you the point—or sale.

Just keep the ball alive until you have a favorable condition. Then go for the close.

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