Let Me Define “Hobby”

I find that the people who take a hobby to the nth degree don’t have a hobby any more. They’ve simply created another job for themselves.

Some stamp collectors must have a pristine stamp with perfect centering and original gum on the back. Some model builders insist that the seats, wheel wells, and unseen parts of the model be perfectly completed. Some model railroad enthusiasts insist that everything be perfectly in scale and consistent with a given period of time in the past. Some people clean their car engines with Q-tips and won’t drive in the rain.

To each his own, but I thought hobbies were for relaxation and for me to set my own rules. I’m not about to try to relax using someone else’s metrics!

Passion gone too far leads to obsession.

2 thoughts on “Let Me Define “Hobby”

  1. I think we should write an article for Fine Scale Modeler magazine. I’m the epitome of what you describe. As I said at my Dad’s funeral… the greatest gift he gave me was to be a perfectionist, and the worst gift he gave me was to be a perfectionist.

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