Single Issues

Some people are “single issue” voters. No matter what other positions a candidate has, they will vote solely on the candidate’s position on one issue, such as abortion, or immigration, or taxes.

The same holds true for doctors. Some are “thyroid obsessed,” and they believe almost everything can be traced to the thyroid (or fat intake, or sugar).

Some consultants are the same: No matter what issues the client presents, they’re convinced that the problem is the buyer, or the sales force, or technology.

Of course, “single issue” people were also those who fostered eugenics, religious bias, and Ludditism.

Open your mind and your senses to the facts, and stop allowing your emotions to simply seek out examples that support your own biases in your own mind.

One thought on “Single Issues

  1. Yes, I often tell my clients in cases like this that “if the only tool you have is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail”.

    Those who know (or feel comfortable with) only one approach, will always force it to fit the problem at hand.

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