This Ain’t Right

Let’s get this straight:

The correct grammar is “should have run,” not the idiotic, “should have ran.” Sportscasters  constantly use the latter including Troy Aikman a few days go.

The correct grammar is “should have gone,” not the execrable, “should have went.” I heard an NBC anchor use the latter yesterday.

Is this being too precious with language that should be changing with the times? No, because “dumbing down” language leads to less understanding and less nuance (and less respect—how intelligent can you be if you can’t conjugate a verb?).

By the way, no species “goes extinct” or “went extinct.” All those critters didn’t arise one morning and say, “Let’s all kill ourselves.” They became extinct (passive) because of conditions beyond their control. The dinosaurs became extinct when some space junk hit the Yucatan and destroyed their environment on earth, not because they all decided to start smoking and developed lung disease.

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