This Is Only For Those Who Are Reading This

Some guy wrote to tell me that my blog doesn’t draw as many people as it should because I don’t do whatever it was he suggested I do and write about.

Another guy told me that one of my FREE newsletters contained an article that he “couldn’t use personally” and he’d have to unsubscribe if I kept it up!

I told them both that I don’t write for them, I write for me. And in so doing I apparently strike enough people the right way to eke out a decent living for myself. I don’t care if some people don’t like it, it’s of no consequence to me.

I write for me.

For whom do you write?

3 thoughts on “This Is Only For Those Who Are Reading This

  1. I started blogging in August 2011. Then, my writing was geared to a specific audience member and to attract clients. I found that too difficult, inauthentic, and contrived.

    After six months I took the same approach as you Alan and began writing for me. It’s easier that way.

    You can’t be all things to all people. Be yourself and you’ll be a better servant and add meaningful value to the person who resonates with who you are.

    I enjoy your content.

  2. Lots of people out there who think they are more concerned about your business than you are. I meet a fairly good number daily in my work. Sometimes I check out their profiles to see how successful they’ve been at doing what they preach! More often than not, they have no evidence to support their case.

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