Untold Wealth Originating in Nigeria

Well, I own’t be returning here because I’m obviously coming into a lot of money. This looks official, right?

Dr.Benneth Opara
Director Foreign Operations,
Central Bank Of Nigeria.
Re: Confirmation Of the Approval On your compensation Payment Of Your Approved
Fund of $10.5M USD Million USD To Mr.Oliver ChassMan
Attention; Beneficairy
I am Dr. Benneth Opara The Director foreign Operations Central Bank of Nigeria.
According to my payment file, you have an outstanding payment of $10.5M USD
approved by the president of Nigeria and someone by name and address Mr.Oliver
ChassMan of 1301 ST.Anthony Lane Petaluma CA, USA is about claiming it that you
are dead.
I communicated you to be sure if his claim is true or false. You are to reply
this letter with in 24 hours with the reconfirmation of your personal
information stated below as it is or the payment will be release to Mr.Oliver
ChassMan your next of kin as you said
Full names:
Current Address:
Next of Kin
Urgently Waiting for your confirmation
Dr. Benneth Opara
For: Debts Reconciliation Committee.
Direct Mobile+234-7084213244

4 thoughts on “Untold Wealth Originating in Nigeria

  1. Years back I remember running across the below community of folks. They engage these scam artists in a dialog for fun and to distract them from running additional scams.

    I remember some of the conversations — some attempted to turn the tables — being quite entertaining:


    (“419” apparently coming from the section of Nigerian penal code these scams fall under).

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