Vehicle Settings

As everything becomes more entwined with technology, it seems to me that there is a less and less “intuitive” aspect to it. Yet my cars’ instruction manuals in hard copy are hundreds of pages thick, and not very helpful (filled with thousands of warnings, such as, “Do not attempt to drive off a bridge when in gear.”).

I’m waiting for my wife outside a store trying to restore the camera setting to the one I like, among a dozen choices, front and rear. I even have an infrared camera that can spot things at night invisible to the naked eye. But hitting various buttons does nothing, so I go to “settings” which asks, “Do you want the owner’s manual for the camera?”

I click on that and there is a paragraph on how to change the camera complete with a picture of the correct button and its location.

We need something like that for the uses of money. Or dating. Or life.

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