Want to Stand Out in A Crowd? Just Pay For It.

Most of us—maybe some of us—realize that being in a Who’s Who simply means that you’ve paid for the placement and agreed to buy books, and that a great many “top ten” books in the Times and Wall Street Journal are the results on investing six figures with firms that specialize in making mass purchases.

Here’s the latest piece of absolute garbage from some people with no respect for anyone’s intelligence,  printed verbatim. Note they claim to be “most trusted media,” it’s a guaranteed top ten, and apparently they don’t care to whom they’re pitching (I think I would make these lists at no charge!).

I’m gobsmacked by the unethical audacity of these people, who blatantly tell you the qualifications for top ten is to pay them! 

Hi Alan,
Want to be recognized as one of the top 10 Experts, Coaches, Speakers,
Consultants in America?
Starting today, America’s Most Trusted Media is looking
to recognize 10 outstanding individuals for their work.
If accepted, here’s what you’ll receive.
Press Release, $225 value
Video Interview by a media personality, $1,297
Included in America’s Most Trusted Magazine cover story, $3,500 value
Actual cash value of $5,022.00
We routinely sell this powerful program for $3,975
During our Holiday Special (Black Friday)
You’ll pay just $1,997 or 3 payments of $733.33
You’ll save over $2,000!!
PLUS Free Bonus:
Included in Entrepreneur.com article, $1,500 value.
Top 10 and America’s Most Trusted Magazine is definitely about
creating instant credibility, authority, and celebrity status.
Here’s what we’re doing next, just reply to this email
and I’ll send you the details.
Marco Vazquez
Associate Editor
PS Of course, you can say no.

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