Work and Play

I’ve encouraged people to use their personal hobbies and passions in their work. For example, if you play an instrument, use the metaphors in your web presence and collateral: “harmony, off-key, pitch perfect,” etc. If you’re a tennis player, there are “smashes and lobs, close to the net, working the baseline” (or so I’m told!).

I’ve just posted scores of pictures from our safari here and elsewhere on social media and the response has been fantastic. Become on object of interest to others, show your “complete self.”

One thought on “Work and Play

  1. As hackneyed as the word “authenticity” has become,
    It’s still the name of the game along with “authentic value.”

    You provide both and it’s not far fetched to assume you also have a “big serve.”

    Is this work or play?

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