Work This Out

Does running in the morning improve physical fitness but reduce mental acuity?

  1. Immediately after a blizzard, with roads partially cleared but no sidewalks cleared, I find an occasional runner, outfitted in ski gear, and plodding along at a slow trot in heavy shoes. One slip and they’re under the wheels of a passing car. This isn’t fitness, it’s obsession, an addiction to adhering to a discipline despite the adverse consequences on a particular day.

2. In the club level lounge of top hotels, you find runners who show up post-exercise who are sweaty and smell to high heaven. Instead of taking a shower first, they decide to come in and grab some breakfast while serving as mobile air pollutants. That level of self-absorption is world class, far superior to their actual running skills.

If you want to run, fine, just keep out from under my car or anywhere near my food while you’re doing it or immediately thereafter. And, yes, no gender bias here, it’s equal opportunity stupidity.

© Alan Weiss 2017

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