A “Typical” Day

I’ve been requested to describe a typical day. When I’m home, and not traveling, it looks like this:

• Arise around 6

• Quick bowl of cereal, shared with the dogs.

• If non-workout day, take the dogs for coffee and biscuits. If workout day, do some of the below before leaving at 7:45 for my 8:00 appointment at the gym with my trainer.

• Review all email and respond, trash, or file. It is seldom filed, since I don’t find it important to keep with rare exception (e.g., a hotel contract for a event). This takes about 20 minutes.

• Post on Twitter 2-3 items of value and one promotional item, copy the promotional item to post on Linkedin. Look at any new messages directed at me on Facebook. This takes about 15 minutes. I rarely read any articles on Linkedin or posts of Facebook. I follow no one on Twitter.

• Start on any writing that may be due: book chapters, columns, articles. This will be finished between 40 and 60 minutes.

• It’s now about 9 (or 10 if I’ve worked out and cleaned up) and I begin on phone appointments with coaching clients. There will be 4-5 scheduled for 30 minutes each, but most will take between 10 and 15 minutes. In between, I read and comment on my Forum.

• I spend some creativity time on new offerings (podcasts, workshops, book ideas, etc.).

• Frisbee with Bentley. This is about 15 minutes.

• Lunch with the dogs, probably 20 minutes.

• Finish afternoon calls (1-2) and any new email. Update Forums again as needed.

• Go through the day’s snail mail and pay any bills required. Go to bank and/or post office as needed, combined with below if appropriate.

• Done at about 2, real and virtual desk cleared, no email present. I’ll take a drive, go for a swim in the summer, smoke a cigar, read a book, work on a model, read the papers. If I’m due to talk to people in Australia or Japan, I’ll do so between 3 and 5, depending on their schedules. this might occur twice a week.

That’s it, hope this was helpful, feel free to ask questions.

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