Alan Weiss Appearances in Denver

I’ll be conducting a full-day workshop called “Alan 101” at the Ritz-Carlton in Denver on October 7, then doing a half-day for the combined forces of the ASTD, IMC, NSA, and RMC on October 8 at the Westin. The first day is the least investment for any of my workshops in years, and it’s intended to enable new people to the profession and those still affected by the recent downturn to “jump start” their practices at a cost that can be gained back in less than a week. The second morning is to provide the parameters that will build an exceptional business for professional services providers through 2011. You can attend either or both, and we encourage you to attend both.


Link for Oct. 8 Master Class:

Link for Oct. 7 full day course (links to Summit Consulting site):

4 thoughts on “Alan Weiss Appearances in Denver

  1. Alan,

    I’m looking forward to joining you in Denver. As one of your Master Mentors, it will be great to meet some existing friends and new people and share the fantastic successes I’ve achieved since I’ve started working with you.

    And, the direct flight is an added bonus!

    I’m still waiting for you to hold an event in Moose Jaw!


  2. Phil, I am going to be in Denver as well. Looking forward to seeing you again. I’m excited also about the event as I always walk away with something new to immediately implement in my practice.


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