Alan Weiss’s Monday Morning Memo® – 10/09/17

Dan Gilbert recently mentioned in a meeting that if you have a brain and a heart, you can’t be anything but horrified and saddened by the tragic carnage in Las Vegas. It should also be noted that this year, as of today, 530 people have been murdered in Chicago alone.

I’ve noted before that while we’re appalled at suicide, we seem to ignore people who throw their lives away by bit and piecemeal, a little every day. Similarly, we should be horrified by murders that occur one by one, on a daily basis.

Our sensitivity, our sense of outrage, shouldn’t be guided by quantity, but rather by the quality of every life. We should be repelled by senseless violence no matter where it is, who carries it out, or how many people are affected. That takes a brain, and a heart—and the will.

In this dangerous world that we live in, where hatred and violence and natural disasters sometimes collide to almost overwhelm us, we each can help in some way. —Marsha Blackburn

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