Alan Weiss’s Monday Morning Memo® – 10/31/16

How many people do you know who allow themselves to be vulnerable? By “vulnerable” I don’t mean weak, or disabled. I mean the voluntary decision to share a failure, error, setback, poor decision, or mistake. Many people I meet have more excuses than ideas. The problem was the timing, or poor technology, or bad advice, or some supernal event, or “them.”

I’ve found that people who admit to problems, share them, and ask for help are those who learn the most the fastest. They have the discretion not to merely accept all suggestions offered, but rather to distill the best ones and appropriate them for improvement.

No one goes to the doctor with aches and pains and proclaims that they’re perfectly fine, or that their wound will heal as soon as the boss leaves them alone. They want a diagnosis of what’s wrong and how to cure it. The same with your auto mechanic. You want answers and aren’t bashful about pointing out the problem.

Let trusted others know when you’ve made a mistake and could use some help with determining why, so that it doesn’t happen again. Instead of closing the windows, open the door.

No stroke of fortune is so dazzling nor calamity so dreadful as to fail to profit the American Telephone and Telegraph Company.

– Fletcher Knebel, in the novel Dark Horse

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