Alan Weiss’s Monday Morning Memo® – 11/06/17

Some of you have heard my story of having to fly coach from Tel Aviv to New York for 11 hours because El Al pilots staged a (frequent) walkout, with me arriving nearly comatose. A couple of days ago, we flew from LA to Fiji for 11 hours in business class (first wasn’t offered) and I slept for six hours, arriving in good shape.

“Million Dollar Consulting” is a metaphor. You don’t have to make a million to be happy or successful. Real wealth is discretionary time, and money is merely fuel. But we do deserve to be happy, and I’ve found that it’s far easier to make others happy when you’re happy and to help others when you’ve helped yourself.

Whatever you choose to engage in or pursue, you have a right to happiness. I don’t insist on people judging success by flying first class or buying expensive cars or staying in the best hotels. After all, I’ve always pointed out TIAABB: there is always a bigger boat. But the pursuit of comfort is not a crime, not shameful. To avail yourself of what society can ethically and legally offer is a personal choice.

To shun and avoid comfort because someone else doesn’t have it or, worse, you think you don’t deserve it, is martyrdom. And I’ll quote humorist George Ade on that: “Don’t pity the martyrs, they love the work.”

I’ve accepted that we’ve all got crap to deal with and problems that we’re fighting not to be defined by. At the end of the day, we all want the same stuff: fulfillment, love, support, comfort, and a hot-air balloon with laser guns attached to it. The most important thing is that we appreciate the crazy ride we’re on. —American comedian Zach Anner

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