Alan Weiss’s Monday Morning Memo® – 5/14/18

I’ve always found kids to be incredibly resilient. We tend to underestimate them. When I’ve had to counsel people considering or in the midst of a divorce, I’ve told them never to use the kids as an excuse for maintaining a toxic relationship. The kids will adjust better to a divorced family than they will living in an environment devoid of love.

Yet we seem to be fostering the coddled generation today. Some universities have introduced a “safe environment” committee whereby any student can accuse any other of making them feel uncomfortable. Notice I didn’t say “threatened,” but “uncomfortable.”

This is mental erethism and, worse, it dilutes the real crimes of bias, oppression, bigotry, and bullying. Just as sloppy grammar dilutes the language, and vulgarity dilutes civility, equating every small grievance with racism or sexism dilutes the seriousness of such behavior.

My father used to say, “Stop crying and fight!” Maybe that’s too tough for today, but “Stop fighting and cry to the thought police!” isn’t exactly what I’d want my kids to do.

And not for nothing, but: How does a coddled generation deal with the competitiveness of a modern workforce? Are you going to go running to the CEO every time someone takes your stapler?

My biggest weakness is my sensitivity. I am too sensitive a person.

—Mike Tyson

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