Alan Weiss’s Monday Morning Memo® – 6/22/15

This week’s focus point: I’m astounded by the lack of common sense of many small business owners. It’s not “big box” stores or technology diminishing their profits. It’s small thinking and bad habits. You need someone answering phones who has not had their personality surgically removed. You need to get back to callers within a few hours (there’s this invention called a “cell phone”). You need to listen and diagnose, not ignore and prescribe. You need to trust customers, not treat them as potential environmental hazards. (I still love the stores with 14 reasons listed on the door as to why you can’t come in!) I talked to a guy who owns several bands because I need one for my birthday party next year. He went into a sales pitch, wouldn’t shut up, and kept cutting me off. When I pointed that out, he told me he didn’t think we were right for each other! He just didn’t know how to create business “music.” And his groups were less than half the price of the one I chose, showing just how much he’s out of touch. Small business success requires big thinking and an open mind.

Monday Morning Perspective: Cambiano i dischi, ma la musica e sempre quela. (They keep changing the record, but the music is still the same.) — Italian saying

Living in Abundance: No one ever cut their way to the top:

24/7 Real Time Help: Wouldn’t you love to practice the key phone call or meeting right before it happens?

Write A Book Proposal in 60 Days: Circulate it to agents–the prior group of 9 resulted so far in 5 agent offers and 2 publishing offers. 12 people max. $4,500, we begin in September. Write me:

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