You know, if you’re going to church, and there’s someone on the opposite side of the road waiting to pull into the lot for the same Mass, and you don’t stop to allow that person to cut across traffic, you might as well just drive home again, because I don’t think spending the next hour in church is really going to help.

There’s A Reason It’s Called a TREADmill

I love instructors in the gym who dance on the treadmills. They spin and turn and jump at pretty good speeds. I’m waiting for one of them to shoot off of it like a comet, hitting someone doing sit-ups across the gym. The same, of course, applies in our work. Prudent risk makes sense, but excess risk just requires one false move and you could hurt yourself and others pretty badly.


If two people in a hundred complained to you about something the other 98 liked, I’d simply ignore them. If one person in a hundred is the only one to do six figures of business with you after something you’ve done, I’d consider that a great success.

You Seem Changed

Returned home after a trip and my desk top computer notified me that Microsoft Office had corrupted and had to build a “new identity.” I clicked on the button, and two minutes later I had a “new identity” and things were working nicely. Be a hell of an idea to create that sequence in real life for a lot of people.

Our Speeds Are Slow and Stop

Fiji was very calm and slow (“Fiji time” is cited by all the islanders). That’s nice for a refreshing visit. But I realized I could never stay there longer than a week. I found out that the life expectancy is only 68 (as opposed to about 80 in the US). Everyone we saw who lived on Fiji, male and female, was demonstrably overweight. That might be a factor of the health care, I don’t know, because the food is certainly …