Our Speeds Are Slow and Stop

Fiji was very calm and slow (“Fiji time” is cited by all the islanders). That’s nice for a refreshing visit. But I realized I could never stay there longer than a week. I found out that the life expectancy is only 68 (as opposed to about 80 in the US). Everyone we saw who lived on Fiji, male and female, was demonstrably overweight. That might be a factor of the health care, I don’t know, because the food is certainly …

Have You Found It, Yet?

H.L. Mencken characterized philosophy as “A blind man in a dark room looking for a black cat that isn’t there.” That’s what I think of every complex consulting approach I’ve ever encountered. The value of what we do is speed and simplicity. That’s the value that a fee should be based on, not a 14-step model or a thousand surveys. Otherwise, there’s another quote that appertains: “A consultant is someone who comes in to study a problem and remains to …

How Much Does It Cost to Send Your Kid to Brown?

If the brilliant, politically correct progressives of the esteemed Brown University want to rename Columbus Day “Indigenous People’s Day,” and remove statures of Columbus for merely following the mores of his day in discovering a new land at great risk, then perhaps they may want to think about changing the name of the university from that of the most heinous slave trading family in the history of the Republic. But I guess significant grants go a long way….

The Omnivert

You are really not an introvert or an extrovert, but rather you’re somewhere on that continuum. The key is to be able to move along it one way or the other as conditions require. There are no perfect personality styles, not matter what any test or horoscope (often one in the same) may tell you. There is only one vital trait. Flexibility.