Athiestic Religious Fervor

I believe people are free to believe in God or not believe in God in myriad ways. What confounds me is the religious zealotry of some of the athiests, however, which I find just a tad hypocritical. (I refer you to one of my Writing on the Wall videos on the subject if you’re interested:

For example, Christopher Hitchens’s book “God Is Not Great” is so full of hostility at those who believe, so derisive of other views, and so totally dogmatic that it surpasses the fervor of most religious people I’ve ever known. It reminds me of a “Fundamentalist Athiesm.” If you don’t believe, fine, but why must you insist we confrom with your view?

It seems as if Mr. Hitchens is determined to bury his own doubts. Fair enough. But leave me with mine. After all, what can he threaten us with if we don’t agree with him, since apparently, in his cosmos, there is no place to banish the rest of us!

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