Atlantic City

Made it in 4:25, at the pool. Deli and gambling tonight, 40 minutes to Cape May tomorrow.

— Post From My iPhone

4 thoughts on “Atlantic City

  1. Yes, 4:25 from Rhose Island, with a severe desing flaw, my wife can see the speedometer frm the passenger seat. What the hell were they thinking?!

    The car just eats up the road and I was under order to keep it under 100. It’s creating quite a stir here just sitting still.

  2. I’m not sure if we’ll ever meet, but we have a similar sense of humor so your post made me laugh.

    Hope you did well at the tables – Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner.

  3. Sorry about the typos, used my iPhone, that should be Rhode Isalnd, design flaw, from, etc.

    We lost $200 between us on a $1000 stake, so that was pretty good entertainment for a few hours.

    I don’t eat chicken dinners even when I win!

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