Australian Journal Redux: New Zealand Days Six and Seven

Too cold and damp for the chopper. Breakfast overlooking the lake worked, however! Dinner in The Bunker with Rob and a small group, great talk. One participant said, “It was the best night of his life.” Must have been Libby’s charms, not me.

Next day, a wonderful full day with the group, highlighted by afternoon role-plays on stage. Outstanding group of nearly 200 high achievers who are seeking to create more and more value for their clients.

May be back in this part of the world again in October. Meanwhile, it’s finally a summer day here and people have removed their ski parkas!

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2 thoughts on “Australian Journal Redux: New Zealand Days Six and Seven

  1. Alan – hope you’re enjoying your time here in NZ. I’m two chapters into “Million Dollar Consulting” and finding it to be a helpful read.

    Also a fan of your value billing book. We’ve got both editions in the office and are trying to think about ways to introduce value billing into the firm.

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