Broncos Lose to Ravens By Trying Not To

Payton Manning’s come-back year came back to haunt him last night as the Denver Broncos were upset by the Baltimore Ravens in Denver. The fault lies with the Denver Coach, John Fox.

He repeatedly called for conservative plays instead of trying to increase his team’s scoring. He tried not to lose instead of trying to win. Most people will point to 30 seconds left in regulation time as Fox’s worse decision when, with two times out remaining, he directed Manning to run out the clock and go to overtime (where they were to lose). However, there was a worse instance.

Near the end of regulation time, with a touchdown lead, the Broncos had a third down and about a yard to go for a first down. Had they achieved it, the would have run out the clock and won the game. Fox, with one of the greatest passing quarterbacks in history, chose a running play to try to take time off the clock. The play was stopped, the Broncos had to punt, and the Ravens completed a 70-yard touchdown pass with 40 seconds left to tie the game.

This is what happens is sports and life when you try “not to lose.” In the buyer’s office, if you try “not to lose the sale” you’ll be dull, pandering, obsequious, and of little interest. If you try not to “rock the boat” in implementation, it will take longer and you’ll simply enable the resistance to gain strength.

You can’t go through life trying not to lose. You have to take big gulps of air and charge ahead. Take your fate into your own hands. Boldness has some magic to it.

The Broncos are going home. The Ravens are still going. What’s your destination?

We’re not here to stick our toe in the water, we’re here to make waves.

© Alan Weiss 2013

6 thoughts on “Broncos Lose to Ravens By Trying Not To

  1. finally someone who saw the same thing I did. The Bronco’s lost because the coach made a bad call trying to run the football with 40 seconds on the clock. Stupid . I would have trusted my quarterback 10 times more than I did my defense.

  2. Alan,… Wise words indeed,.. on and off the field. I was incredibly disaapointed, by mistakes made on and off the field and today,… I suspect that Foxx is experiencing some kicking of himself as well as by the owner,… when the game is on the line,.. it is NOT the time to be timid and weak,… but a time for boldness, courage and character. Foxx showed his lack of all of these traits and the team and fans all paid the price for his deficiencies.

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