Cape May Journal: July 14

Maria says to me that it’s astounding that I can hugely enjoy both Cape May and Nevis, the Sandpiper and the Four Seasons.

Hey, life is about having fun.

I crossed over from the beach and visited the rest room by the outdoor pool today, where there is a nearby pond of carp and a sauna, and where I rarely venture, and found to my horror that yesterday, coming in from the blinding sun, I had visited, well, utilized, the women’s room! (I wondered why there were so many stalls and no urinals, but I was in a hurry.) I’m fortunate not to be under arrest, I suppose.

About two-thirds of the vehicles here are SUVs, and there are some large families here. Gas prices? Recession? Mortgage crisis? If you didn’t read the newspaper, you’d never know.

You place a flag in the sand here and a woman clad in white shorts and a tee shirt quickly arrives with a menu to take your lunch order. They should run the world this way.

On the beach, a man politely approaches and asks, “Are you a professor?” Too startled to create a fabricated story, I said I was not.

“Well,” he observed, “you’re reading ‘The Classical World’ (by Robin Lane Fox, a disquisition on the Greek and Roman civilizations) and I use it in my course at Dennison University. I can’t imagine anyone reading it for pleasure!” I responded that I was alternating among it and two science fiction books, which I pulled out of my beach bag for him.

“You are a rarity,” he said, smiling.

“Yes, I am,” I admitted, grinning.

I’ve been freezing Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups and Kit Kat bars to have with my Davidoff cigars out on the balcony at night, which has turned out quite nicely.

Tonight we were at one of our favorite restaurants (anywhere), The Pier House. Almost everyone who walked in took a long look into the Bentley. One foursome lingered over the car, leaning in almost close enough to set off the alarm (some kind of sonic system I don’t even understand covers the car with the top retracted). They saw me laughing from the window, and stopped by.

“We saw ‘Million Dollar Consulting’ in the back seat,” they said. “Did you get that car by reading it?”

“Actually, no,” I told them, “I wrote it!”

“I old you!” said one guy to the other.

Their wine was on me.

© Alan Weiss 2008. All rights reserved.

4 thoughts on “Cape May Journal: July 14

  1. Your story about the women’s restroom is funny. I just returned from my annual reunion with my high school buddies where we get together and play 5 rounds of golf in 2 and a half days…this year in Boise ID. After the fourth round in two days in 95 degree temps, I stroll in to got a much needed bathroom break. I was hot, tired, and sore. When I went to wash my hands, I noticed the same things – no urinals AND (gasp) a tampon wrapper in the garbage. I had wandered into the wrong restroom too. I didn’t bother to tell my friends because not only would I have heard about it all night…probably for the next 5 years or more. My comment to my wife later was the same as yours…I was lucky not to be arrested. Hey, this sounds like a good blog, huh? Have fun in Cape Cod.

  2. Alan:

    What a great blog! I’m enjoying your wonderful narrative and insights on life, business, travel, the world.

    And a big thanks for the Davidoff mention. It’s a pairing (Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups) I’ll definitely have to try for myself.

    Best regards,
    Danielle Hawthorne
    Brand Manager
    Davidoff / Zino Classic
    Davidoff of Geneva (CT)

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