Common Sense Is A Rarity With Some People

My new Alan Weiss’s Common Sense® World View is a partner program to my existing, very popular Alan Weiss’s Common Sense Consulting® Weekly Video.

A woman registered for the former yesterday, but informed me she wanted the $50 discount for ordering prior to August credited to her card, since my site didn’t accept the discount. I explained to her that was because the discount was for prior to August 2012 when the series began. That’s why the site had only one fee, which was only $250.

She proceeded to inform me, “one marketer to another,” that I was engaged in misrepresentation, and violation of truth in advertising. I told her of a thousand people involved in one or both of the offerings, and she was the only one to make such a statement or claim.

I then told her to take a hike. I don’t want the money of someone so self-absorbed and mean-spirited that common sense wouldn’t make a dent in that smug armor in any case. But, she said, two trusted colleagues had told her how much they received from my coaching, workshops, and materials.

That, of course, is because they have common sense and don’t attribute malice to every slight misreading, ambiguity, or even error that occurs. Some people can’t be helped. Don’t try. There are too many who truly want to be helped.

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2 thoughts on “Common Sense Is A Rarity With Some People

  1. Her attitude was utterly counterproductive. My view is that when buying content or services from experts never haggle and never complain about trivia, because you never know when you might want their help. And whether they like you counts – trade is a two-way relationship.Her behaviour strikes me as alarmingly short-termist.

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