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The writer is looking for a speaker or consultant who has an enterprise-wide customer satisfaction system that they can train the top 80 leaders of a Fortune 800 company to implement. He is not looking for just a speech with some points. Ideally, he is looking for a system that can be implemented internally and externally in an organization. This will be a global adoption of single system that senior leaders can drive in each division and geography.

He also needs a speaker or consultant who specializes in the area of customer satisfaction/service. He would prefer that they have a book on the topic, their work was research backed, or they had implemented their system organization-wide with other companies. It would be a plus if this person had significant business accomplishments in this area or performed in high-level Fortune 500 executive roles in the areas of service, training, or strategy.

For either position: Contact (Koby Fleck)

(Note: This is a public service of Alan’s Blog. All parties are expected to perform appropriate due diligence. Alan does not endorse nor support any party involved, and has no financial interest or involvement in the transactions. Do not contact Alan or any site other than the email address indicated.)

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