DASM: Marriott at LA Airport

I’ve held major events at the LA Airport Marriott over the years. I called today, twice, was automatically placed on hold, and NO ONE answered within 10 minutes. When I called a separate reservations number, the recording says, “We cannot connect you to the hotel itself.” Apparently, they’re tired of people trying to circumvent their own inept procedures.

How stupid is hotel management? They are awarded my dumb-ass stupid management award of the month, maybe of the year. When an existing customer wants to give you business with zero cost of acquisition, and no one can answer the main switchboard phones, you might as well be responsible for health on Carnival Cruise Lines.

This, by the way, is why I stay at the Peninsula in Beverly Hills. It’s a lot more money, but they answer their phones.

2 thoughts on “DASM: Marriott at LA Airport

  1. Finally a math question I can easily answer.

    This is incredible. You should do a compilation book just on DASM. It would be immensely valuable to almost EVERY other organization as a guidebook. Key learning point: “Don’t do this!”

  2. Here’s how dumb Marriott management is: Either they don’t monitor mentions on the Internet and social media, or they do and ignore negative comments. Either arrogance or stupidity, take your pick.

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