DASM: University Orthopedics

My latest Dumb Ass Stupid Management Award goes to Dr. Manuel Dasilva and University Orthopedics, here in East Greenwich, RI.

I had an appointment for a problem with my hand. At 11:30, the appointed time, I was shown into a small examining room. At 11:50, I poked my head out and asked a woman, “How much longer will it be?” She replied, “I don’t know, I just came back on from break.” Surly.

She then returned to tell me, “At least another 30 minutes.”

“Are you telling me you expect me to wait an hour in this small room without informing me how late the doctor is going to be?”

“Yes.” Surly. (No mention of an emergency or any reason whatsoever.)

“Well I’m leaving.”


“Don’t say you’re sorry.”

Another staffer is standing nearby (why are so many “health care” workers so overweight?) and chimes in, “We won’t don’t worry.”

Another example of the doctor-as-god treating patients as herd animals awaiting inoculation and branding and their staffs reflecting that attitude. Dr. Dasilva, of course, never deigned to respond to my letter about this treatment. Now I have a new orthopedist.

Medical offices are usually run poorly—overbooked, impolite, uncaring. But when you add disrespect and rudeness, you have to wonder why these people went to medical school. The intent of helping patients couldn’t have been high on their list, and office management couldn’t have been part of the curriculum.

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