Delta 475

I solely fly first class, and I have almost four million air miles. When my wife and I returned from Venice on April 23, the only sane flight was Delta 475 nonstop to New York (where our driver fetched us). But that flight only has business class, no first, so I bit the bullet.

There were about 40 people in a full business section, and the food and service were better than many domestic first class services. The cabin crew was outstanding, in fact, more attentive than the Emirates first class crew we flew with from New York to Milan with only six people in first class. (I filed a complaint about them.) The seats were fine (though I wouldn’t want to try to sleep in them overnight—this was a day flight). The entertainment system was first rate. (My goodness, Star Wars VII has to be one of the worst written, acted, and conceived films of all time, especially since they merely copied Star Wars I. What a mess.)

Kudos to this crew and Delta. It’s great to see an American carrier performing at this level.

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