Dignity and Respect

I was listening to Professor Jordan Peterson at the University of Toronto lecturing in his classroom about dignity vs. respect (https://youtu.be/BxzfYjxWg8g) courtesy of Lorie Morrero.. His point is that we should treat people with dignity until and unless they prove unworthy of it. However, respect has to be earned.

That reminds me of the entire political correctness movement, with its concern about “micro-aggressions” and that every minor, trivial grievance be heard and accommodated. I’m happy to treat people with dignity so long as they protest or try to persuade in legitimate ways. But when they shout down speakers with whom they disagree, that dignity is forfeit.

As for respect, you don’t earn it with me by demanding that I apologize if I’ve tended to use more of one gender pronoun than another, ignoring my content to count my words.

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