Don’t Look Now III

We’re just about at mid-year, and the market is up by 40%.

A lawyer was whining to me at a board meeting a couple of months ago that the Dow had fallen by 50% from its high point, and would have to gain by 100% to reach its former levels. I’m no mathematician, but if we gained 40% for this entire year, and another 40% next year, gee, that’s back to where we were.

There will be more turmoil, housing certainly looks grim, but there is a LOT of opportunity out there. I was listening to two network financial experts this morning speculating that stocks were following the bond market. They have NO idea. (Even Koufax was moaning.) Find organizations doing well which want to do still better, and provide them with value. Don’t let the gloom and doom, “poverty mentality” types get you down.

If there are consultants doing what you do and succeeding, then the problem is NOT the economy, technology, society, or Bill Maher (well, it could be Bill Maher): It’s YOU.

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