Episode 57: Paper Over Pixels

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7 Responses to Episode 57: Paper Over Pixels

  1. Ah, but there are pitfalls if not used properly, witness…



  2. Alan Weiss says:

    Love it!

  3. I’m with you on this Alan – I love (and couldn’t live without) my paper system, even though I also use Google calendar, Awesome Notes, 2D0, etc…. ;-)

    My kids just laugh…..

  4. Alan Weiss says:

    Kids don’t know anything. They think Wikipedia is a source.

  5. Mike Klassen says:

    Watched this video before going to bed last night.

    No lie… I ended up having a dream that my computer crashed with some virus. It was a horrifying dream. All my data was gone.

    You wouldn’t believe the sense of relief I felt when I woke up.

    On an even scarier note, I have heard people in the media make reference to some “fact” from Wikipedia. It’s not how I remember it from my days in a radio station newsroom where we actually did some legwork and phone calls to confirm facts.

  6. Alan Weiss says:

    Be careful, be VERY careful….

  7. Ian Brodie says:

    You’re so right about looking intelligent. While I love my iPhone, fiddling around with technology while with a senior client makes you look like a bag carrier.

    However, I must disagree about there being no status comparisons going on – we leather filofax users look down snobbishly on those faux-leather covers…


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