Experiential Marketing

We hear a lot about “content marketing,” meaning that the seller provides useful content about the product and/or issues surrounding it. For example, Gillette may offer useful points about shaving whether or not you purchase their razors and blades.

But far more effective is what I call “experiential marketing.” It’s not new. Every time a car salesperson allows you to test drive the car, that’s experiential marketing. But is has evolved, from the salesperson sitting in the car with you for 20 minutes on the road, to now throwing you the keys and saying, “Take it for the weekend and see how you like it.”

In today’s world of “virtual” and “cyber” it’s easier than ever to provide the experiences. You can walk into an Apple store and try any of the machines. You can take a video tour of  homes for sale. You can experience a resort’s amenities and location via computer.

Advise your clients to create experiential opportunities for their customer base. And don’t forget, every appearance you make before a prospective buyer is an opportunity to create a positive or negative experience in real time.

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