Fort Lee

I’ve spent a lot of time in Fort Lee, NJ—in my youth because of the great hot dogs at Callahan’s and Hiram’s (four generations of our families have gone there), and a movie theater and the nearby Palisades Park; and in my adulthood because of the remaining Hiram’s. I never imagined it would be a real, modern battleground, requiring a fort.

Two observations:

1. To sacrifice a potential presidential nomination and election to the highest political office on earth over a petty, vengeful gripe will haunt Chris Christie forever. But this is what happens to bullies who think they can overwhelm anyone. His shouting on the boardwalk at the shore, his belligerency with the press, are indicative of a guy who would  not use the powers of the presidency with great discretion.

2. Having said that: Why are the media spending more time on this traffic issue than the horrors of the Benghazi murders squarely caused by State Department bungling and deafness? How do you move out from the shadow of that mess? Both Hillary Clinton and Christie have been tossing people under the bus. Yet Hillary is favored by 70+% of Democrats polled this weekend.

3. If Christie is out, and Jeb Bush wins the Republican nomination (a distinct possibility), are you seriously telling me that this country will once again be voting for a Bush or a Clinton and that we don’t have anything fresher and better to offer?

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One thought on “Fort Lee

  1. Yeow! The reality of it really sounds pathetic. We’ve been there and still have the crumby tee-shirt to prove it. Once bitten we once again attempt to stick out head in the lions mouth. Doing what we did before and hoping for different results. That’s insane.

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