From “Sir” to Sister

Some of you may recall my telling a story about a woman I met in a class, Nancy Gucwa. She said her life was too uninteresting for public speaking. I proceeded to find out that she was in the first class of women accepted to West Point in 1976, became a cadet leader, and went on into the army as an officer–in the 82nd Airborne! She retires from the reserves after 20 years of service and over 30 jumps this year.

She has written me to inform me that she is now a novice at a Monastery in Missouri, becoming a Benedictine Sister. I’m hoping that some day we can find something interesting about her life to use in a speech!

One thought on “From “Sir” to Sister

  1. We have quite a population of Benedictine Sisters, here in Erie Pennsylvania. I hope, one day, that Nancy gets assigned here. Who knows… I may get the opportunity to hear more of her “uninteresting” life story.

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