Get Out of My Way

What is the commonality? I was afraid of, earlier in my life:

• Addressing a large group of students in high school.

• Roller coasters.

• The dentist.

• Bullies.

• An overbearing college professor.

• Skiing.


These were all fears that I overcame by facing them and taking them on. Once I did so, I either became excellent at it (speaking), enjoyed the hell out of it (roller coasters, skiing), tolerated them (dentists), or confronted them so they backed down (bullies, professor).

Are you spending time designing escape routes and circumventions, or are you simply facing your fears and overcoming them by engaging in them? That’s a pivot point for your life.

2 thoughts on “Get Out of My Way

  1. Susan Jeffer’s book title: Face Your Fears and Do it Anyway – is my mantra. I used to scared of my own shadow. Facing my fears is the only way through them so that they don’t control my life.

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